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Some strange video,Nike Cortez Classic, a unexpected ending ......

   Nike Cortez Shoes fond of mountaineering, often alone to the mountain. A few months ago, he was on his way in a mountaineering Nike Cortez Mens, was taken to hospital to discover, is considered a narrow escape. After the accident, Nike Cortez Womens lost his memory in front of the cliff, but also occasionally headache, dizziness.

   After Nike Cortez Classic discharge, as usual mountaineering. That day at dusk, on Nike Cortez Shoes climbing a mountain. At this time, the Nike Cortez Mens from the mist around the scene dreamlike, fascinating.

   Nike Cortez Womens quickly come up with a digital camera, to capture the stunning views. He took a breath quite a few photos, then the distance a pair of young men and women into the lens, the United States, intimate look handsome man, woman should be a couple. Nike Cortez Mens think the guy some familiar, below reflect only headache was blowing.

   MRS at the top and stay for a while, began to return. Nike Cortez Womens walked just look at the photographs, when reading the last photo, a video jumped out.

   Nike Cortez Classic shocked: he clearly remembers that he did not filmed the video, is it not careful record of? May look content, Nike Cortez Shoes stunned!